Texas Frog Fest 2015

Old Glory was raised on Saturday morning to mark the start of the 2015 Texas Frog Fest in Crystal Beach. Facebook/TexasFrogFest

Old Glory was raised on Saturday morning to mark the start of the 2015 Texas Frog Fest in Crystal Beach. Facebook/TexasFrogFest

Frenchtown Road bridge opens

bridge0By Lee Crowder
Thanks to multi-agency cooperation between Galveston County and TXDOT, contractor John Reed has completed the construction of Frenchtown Rd bridge. Frenchtown Rd is the public access to the Bolivar Ferry landing, ferry restrooms and ferry pedestrian traffic from Port Bolivar. The bridge is open to traffic!

Spring Bash Fly-In

para_0Aviators from all over Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma converged on Crystal Beach May 1-3 for the first annual Gulf Coast Aviators Spring Bash Fly In. These flyers were flying paramotors. Powered Paragliding is the safest, cheapest, and most convenient way to have your own personal flying machine. You don’t even need a pilot’s license, and it takes less than a week to learn how to fly one! To sum it up,

GCA Crawfish Boil

The 5th annual Crawfish Boil will be held at Rollover Pass on May 30th. Crawfish plates will be sold for $12/plate and include potatoes and corn! The Gilchrist Community Association is accepting donations to help defray the cost of crawfish or contributions to help assist with the legal fund. If you are able to help with any amount, please send

Rollover Pass Report, May 18 thru May 24, 2015

By Ed Snyder/Outdoors
It’s more like SPRUNG than Spring with March Winds and April Showers getting all mixed up in May. Weathermen are blaming it on xx with anglers blaming the weather, but betwixt all this wind and rain the fishing situation at Fish Pass (when the tide is right) is speck-tacular. But WHEN is the tide right? For you bridge anglers, it is the early morning incoming


By Debbie Ploeger
Marla Herbert, winner of the SANBO custom dog beach house, given away during the Texas Crab Festival, can’t decide if her dog or goat will enjoy it more. Built and donated specifically for SANBO by Corey and Andrea Weber of Weber Wood Works and Seaside Lumber, SANBO was able to raise over $1,000 to go toward the Spay and Neuter outreach.

It happened, it was large, and now it’s over

GO_0526By Georgia Osten
The 2nd Annual Texas Frog Festival, only two weekends after the 30th Annual Texas Crab Festival. Listen carefully…Whew! That’s a sigh of relief. Our Festival season is finally over, at least for these two “retirees.” I spent the weekend riding around with my favorite site coordinator who was on his radio constantly along with 28 other

Living in our own teacup

BrendaBy Brenda Cannon Henley
Several things have brought to my mind the realization that we are all victims of tunnel vision, even though we strive to pretend we are not. It is normal for the most part that we think of our own lives, our needs, our joys, our families, and the things we seek to integrate into our lives first and foremost. Occasionally someone or some thing

Patty-Cakes is still missing

pattycakes0It has been one year since Patty-cakes got lost at Crystal Beach. She could still be in the area or she could be anywhere. Patty is a six year old blonde female chihuahua. Has white on her snout, a light colored nose and light colored eyes. She also has a cherry eye on the left side. Please help get her back home. $500 REWARD. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Contact SHANNA BOREL, 713-417-4722.

Lost GoPro camera

Has anyone found a GoPro camera on the beach? It was lost in the surf close to shore, and may have washed up. Please use Comment form below.

Moody Mansion Tour

You are invited to a special event for the Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation. Moody Mansion Tour and Oleander Garden Park Tour, Tuesday, June 2nd, 10:45 am at the Moody Mansion. Lunch at noon, 2:15 conclusion of tours. Cost $32 per person including lunch. Please RSVP quicky!! We need a minimum of 25 to reserve the event. Email cstirling54@gmail.com, or text 409-673-0536. Transportation options will be sent to those who RSVP.

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