Bolivar is no stranger to Power Outages

BillM_0Those sunny summer days can also turn dark and powerless without any warning. Be prepared! Power your home or office when you really need it. Remember, 34,000 families were without power in the recent April and May flooding in the Houston & Galveston area. Bill Minyard, a Bolivar resident for 6 years now, can help you. Bill is teaming up with Master Service Company to provide power generators to Bolivar

Mary Hernandez, ZUMBA Fitness Association Award

mary_0By Linda Elissalde
For the second year in a row Mary F. Hernandez has won the Zumba Fitness Association Award for “Doing Best for Our Community”. Mary generously provided classes for various charities and nursing homes. Mary has taught Zumba in the Anahuac, Winnie and Bolivar Peninsula areas for several years. She takes no money for these

BOOM! It’s that time again

fireworks_0It is fireworks time again. By state law, vendors are allowed to sell fireworks from June 24 to July 4, so for 11 days starting on Friday, we will be treated to impressive pyrotechnic displays all up and down the beach. Join the fun and set up your own fireworks extravaganza. PyroShack Fireworks, with two locations in Crystal Beach, is fully stocked with the latest and greatest fireworks, from

John takes the cake

cake_0John Pope loves sweets. One of his most favorite desserts is Rita Moseley’s famous coconut cake. That man will end up eating a whole cake. Sometimes he shares a little bit with his lovely wife Sharon, but not always. When John heard about the Bay Vue United Methodist Church’s Fish Fry, he asked if Rita was baking her cake for one of the dessert choices. When told she would not be doing that

Trolley time

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Yesterday RR and I spent the day riding trolleys. Savannah has several sightseeing companies that use trolleys to take people all over the historic district of the town. On our trolley tour, there were fifteen stops where you could get on and off at any time. We arrived at the station for the 9 am trolley and decided to take the entire trip, checking out the areas

Remember His marvelous works

BrendaBy Brenda Cannon Henley

“Remember His marvelous works that He hath done, His wonders, and the judgments of His mouth.” (1 Chronicles 16:12)

My friend, Dr. Ron English, a man of God with whom I worked for many years, sent this thought to me today and it is fitting because another friend asked me this week

Crab Cakes

GO_0621By Georgia Osten
We’re always excited when we get a call that another network or production company wants to film something about the Texas Crab Festival. It seems bigger than life and gratifying to “be discovered.” We had been waiting and anticipating the QVC Network presentation for two plus weeks, we put it on Facebook and published it in the online news, and

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County Judge supports struggling oyster farmers by declaring local disaster

oyster_0Recent heavy rains and flooding has taken a toll on oysters in Galveston Bay, as salinity levels have dropped to an unprecedented low. On Saturday, Galveston County Judge Mark Henry took the first step to helping oyster business owners get financial assistance by declaring a local disaster. A large portion of the state’s $30 million oyster industry resides in Galveston Bay, which has suffered

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