A Clean Car

carwash-0Coming Soon…Crystal Beach Car Wash! We all know the sand and salty air doesn’t stop when you leave the beach. It follows us up and down Hwy 87 and all around town. Now we can clean our cars here on the Peninsula. The first car wash to come back to town since Hurricane Ike is coming soon. The car wash will offer three self-service coin operated washing bays, including one drive-thru spray washing bay for a quicker clean without having to get out of the car. There will be vending machines with car wash related products and four vacuum cleaners to get up all the sand. According to the owner, John Waller, “We plan to open in 3-4 weeks if the weather cooperates.” Stop by 2921 Hwy 87, across from Ramada Beach Subdivision to shine up your vehicles.



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  1. Sandy says:

    Now for a washateria for RV customers! Yea for the car wash!

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