An Interesting Find

bale-0Strolling along the beach and you come upon a peculiar item. It’s not a native to the ocean, but it sure has been living there a while. Where did it come from originally? That is the interesting question. Turns out, it’s a bale of marijuana and it washed ashore in Crystal Beach on Monday afternoon. Nora Cortino found it as she walked the shoreline and after opening the peeling edge, she could tell it was a water-logged bale of marijuana. Nora reported it to the Sheriff’s Department and the deputy retrieved it from the beach. “We find them a lot,” he surprisingly reported. He said it had probably been in the water for 2-3 months. The interesting thought is where it may have originated.

An Interesting Find

Did it float down a river and circle in the waters for a while? Could it have traveled from far out in the sea, a traveling ship perhaps? Just a couple miles out from a fishing boat? Who knows for sure! The options are endless, but the thought is exciting. Keep your eyes peeled…you never know what you’ll stumble upon.

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