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By Steven Arthur (9-12-2016)
The Summer has been busy, fast, and fun! Let’s start with youth camp. Nineteen students went all the way to Alto Frio, west of San Antonio, in the hill country. We spent 4th of July during camp! We had a blast! We all took part in a Guinness Book of World Records putting together 1300 foot long hot-dogs. It was crazy. There were a lot of activities. And most importantly, we were blessed to worship outdoors in an open pavilion, watching God change 6 lives for eternity!!!


Then we had the following seven students attend Super Summer 2016! Reigh-Ann Landry, Hunter Walker, Jaden Bryan, Kadryn Baxter, Lacye Tedder, Ethan Rodriguez, and Serenity Calendar. It’s a youth leadership camp, and really intense. All seven students made deeper commitments with the Lord! It was truly amazing. We felt as if we were in the throne room of God!


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