Back When

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
When we “old” people got married we had “A” shower and most of the time it was a kitchen shower. We started to collect from there and collect and collect. Tupperware was the first collection most of us started with, our favorite colors were of course, avocado green, harvest gold and something else that I cannot recall at this moment. We all wanted everything from canisters to salt & pepper shakers. This began the Tupperware house parties and every new married friend, bridesmaid, and college roommate had a party, remember that is how you got the “good” stuff you could not afford. Just about the time that there were more containers than lids and you need to start a new activity called clean-out, came The Pampered Chef company. CB-2017-0418Well by now, most of my friends and I had children that were starting out on their own and they were having Pampered Chef parties. Or, as a good Mom, you were having these parties for them as they did not have room for their friends and your friends. Remember Your Friends, had the money to purchase items the Kids could not afford.

So now, you have two or more items to clean out at least twice a year. You needed to get rid of that really good baking pan to make room for new and improved items. BUT WAIT, I really like that pan and it was a wedding present from Aunt Pearl, and so on. SO this is how we all needed a bigger kitchen, which means you need a bigger house and so-on.

How many of you still have trouble throwing out a cool whip container. I mean, really, I could put all the rubber bands, all over the house in one container or maybe RR needs one or two in the garage for storage. No, he has hundreds of cigar boxes or thousands of plastic fishing containers with labels on them for that stuff.

Back when, some very smart person looked at his wife and thought, this is insane! I need to purchase land and build a storage building. And that is how it all started…

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  1. laura a burell says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Have never thought of it in that way.
    Enjoyed your article.

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