Beach Ride and Drive with Horses

horse-0The 2017 Beach Ride and Drive with Horses adventure is approaching. From April 18-22, participants from all over North America, including as far as Idaho, Alberta, and British Columbia, will set their sights on the beaches of Bolivar. They will spend five days with their horses, campers, and carriages camping out on the beaches, enjoying music and good times, and riding along the shores with their companions. Many different breeds of horses will be present, from the very small ponies to the big draft horses and everything in between.


Gerard Paagman, creator of this adventure, is no stranger to Bolivar. Gerard and his fellow journeymen settled on Bolivar a couple years ago when they traveled by horseback and carriage across the south, from California to Florida. They made a stop in Bolivar and shared the adventure of horses and carriage rides through the surf with our community (CBLN: The Horse Drawn Journey). Now, Gerard and his friends will gather again and sum up their trip with a beach parade and meet&greet on Saturday, April 22nd at 10:00 am. All are welcome.

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