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July 4th and The Beach…they go together!

fourth0Nothing says Summer quite like the 4th of July holiday – and the beach, of course! Where else can you spend your days in the sun and sand, grilling and refreshing your thirst, laughing with friends and family, and enjoying the sparkle of fireworks when the sun goes down?! Crystal Beach offers all of this fun, and so much more. The weather will be favorable and the crowds will be plenty. The surf will be inviting and

Roping off beach not allowed

From William Comeaux, Galveston County
Roping off, fencing off, reserving part of the beach etc. is not allowed. This past jeep weekend there were so many sections of beach that were “reserved” starting a week before the event that day beach visitors had no spot to set up, beach crews couldn’t effectively do their job, our garbage contractor had a hard time emptying barrels and in some cases when the tide got high, the staked off area blocked travel down the beach. Starting this week, if we find a staked off area that is unattended on Bolivar Beaches, it can be removed and discarded so that all visitors can enjoy our beaches.

An Interesting Find

bale-0Strolling along the beach and you come upon a peculiar item. It’s not a native to the ocean, but it sure has been living there a while. Where did it come from originally? That is the interesting question. Turns out, it’s a bale of marijuana and it washed ashore in Crystal Beach on Monday afternoon. Nora Cortino found it as she walked the shoreline and after opening the peeling edge, she could tell it was a

Poker Run Early Registration Underway

poker0The 5th Annual Lions Club Golf Cart Poker Run is rolling in soon. Try your hand at this fun experience as participants venture to various locations on the Peninsula in a golf cart, collecting a card at each spot, and competing for numerous trophies including best decorated golf cart, participant that traveled the greatest distance to play, as well as winning poker hands. Early registration is currently underway

Ah the memories

GO-0627By Georgia Osten
It’s really quite endearing watching all the memories come flooding back. Our 9 year old granddaughter arrived last week for a visit with Grandma and PawPaw, aunts and uncles and lots of cousins. We’ve been anticipating this visit for at least a year now. Addyson was to fly all by herself on a non-stop flight from Raleigh, NC. No, she wasn’t afraid, she’s

Guarding those little grudge books

Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon HenleyThe last three words of Verse 5 of Chapter 13 in 1 Corinthians are very important to us as we live and work today in this busy world of ours. Genuine love “thinks no evil, or is not ready to accept evil.” So many human beings think evil even at times when there are no real clues or reasons for them to do so. They look at a given situation, problem, person or task and begin to

Easy-to-Use Tool to Keep Houston-Galveston Communities Clean

GBF_0We all want clean neighborhoods, but does anyone know the specific agency that cleans up pollution in our cities and communities? The problem is that it’s not just one agency responsible for responding to all kinds of water and land pollution – it’s a myriad of county, state, and local government entities in any given region that each respond to different kinds of pollution. The agency in your

County Tax Office Begins Boat Registration & Titling Services

GCTO-100fice (GCTO) is partnering with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) to provide water vessel (boat) registration and titling services beginning July 5. Services will initially be provided at the Galveston Island Branch office and, as training progresses, will be extended to all locations, including satellite offices, by the end of July. The La Marque TPWD office will continue to provide services to customers.

Upcoming Events

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 Saturday, July 1
CPR Class Schedule

 Friday, July 7
Jerry & Friends Full Moon Party on the beach

 Tuesday, July 18
Chamber of Commerce General Meeting & Social

 Saturday, July 22
Ladies Casting for Conservation

 Saturday, July 29
Crystal Corral Grand Opening

 Saturday, August 5
Bolivar Lions Club Golf Cart Poker Run

 Wednesday, August 9
CPR Class Schedule

 Friday-Saturday, August 25-26
PB VFD 19th Annual BBQ Cookoff

 Sunday, September 3
3rd Annual Bolivar Rig Run

Bolivar Yacht Club Rig Run

2017BYC_00The 3rd Annual Labor Day Weekend HARDHEADS Bolivar Yacht Club Rig Run is set for Sunday, September 3rd from the Bolivar Beach around the Rig and back. All Catamarans are welcome to participate in the fun. Please contact Jim Denys at the Bolivar Yacht Club (like us on Facebook) for more information: [email protected] or via cell at 281-541-0114. The Bolivar Rig Run started 3 years ago

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