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Jane Loose, Person of the Year

Jane Loose, Person of the YearBy Linda Elissalde
“Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”
These words from Matthew 25:21 certainly describe the Bay Vue United Methodist Church’s Person of the Year. Jane Loose is a wonderful and faithful servant of the Lord. Her contributions to local and global communities are works of love in Christ’s name. Although she is a

The Gift

The Gift

It was an invitation to entertain, too important to dismiss.
Would Crystal Beach come do a gig with carols and some gifts?


By Linda Elissalde
Ellie Pollard and friends celebrated her birthday with a luncheon at La Playita on October 24. It was a most festive occasion. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, although no one was clear as to which birthday we were honoring. Rita Moseley’s scrumptious homemade carrot cake sported only one candle as did a charming birthday

The Amazing Journey of a Shoebox

By Linda Elissalde
The Amazing Journey of a Shoebox in BayVue United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall starts with the amazing Jane Loose. Jane presents a plan each Christmas that will help others around the world. The gifts this Christmas will be packed in special decorated shoeboxes. People pack shoebox gifts each year to send to children in

All Creatures Great and Small

blessing-0By Linda Elissalde
“All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small…”
Bay Vue United Methodist Church greeted creatures great and small at The Blessing of the Animals on October 8, 2017. What a joy it was to see humans and pets! Everyone obviously loved their own special animals, and were

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

CC00By Linda Elissalde
The good times certainly did roll when Crystal Canal marked the official end of summer. This community celebrated with their annual End of Summer party on October 8, 2017. Every year they host a great gathering that includes lots of good food and lots of good music. This year was no exception. Greg Holcombe and Dennis Rollfing stayed up all night

Mary Jean Sargent

sargent00By Linda Elissalde
The Sargents of Galveston, Texas are one fine musical family. Muli-talented mom Jean, sisters Mary Jean and Anna Leigh Sargent of EXODUS XV have performed for many venues. They graced the stage at our Jane Long Festival, played for Bay Vue UMC and entertained the Lafitte Society. Dad Bill Sargent is sometimes allowed to

In The Swim!

In The Swim
By Linda Elissalde

Another wonderful summer in the swim
Leaving our ladies most fit and trim…

On Sunday!

Sunday0By Linda Elissalde
Sunday is a special day for many people. Some celebrate religious beliefs, and others enjoy having a day off. It is not always a proverbial “Day of Rest” because a lot of folk save up chores for this occasion. Some consider Sunday to be the last day of the week while others think of it as the beginning of a new one. Still this Day of the Sun holds a unique

Bay Vue UMC celebrates the 4th

BayVue4th-00By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Church celebrated The Fourth of July on Sunday, July 2, 2017. The sanctuary and Fellowship Hall were festooned in red, white and blue. Choir members dressed up in the national colors as well. The service honored America’s 241st birthday declaration of independence. Pastor Valerie Hudson delivered an

Fish! Fun! Fellowship!

FishFry-00By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Church hosted its third annual Father’s Day Weekend Fish Fry. Thanks to the efforts of members, relatives and friends, and the participation from the Bolivar Community, peninsula visitors and guests, this endeavor was bigger and better. The Bay Vue cooking team fried up copious quantities of gourmet tasting

Cultural Foundation hosts Galveston Historical Commission meeting

bunker-0By Linda Elissalde,
What an interesting experience!!! The Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation (BPCF) hosted a Galveston County Historical Commission meeting in Battery Kimble bunker at Fort Travis. How often do you meet in a bunker? Margo Johnson and Marsha Fredenburg provided lunch for the group. BPCF board members Anne Willis and Ange

Appreciation Luncheon for Crenshaw Teachers and Staff

luncheon-0By Linda Elissalde
The United Methodist Women (UMW) of Bay Vue UMC and volunteers provided an appreciation luncheon for teachers and staff of Crenshaw Elementary and Middle School. They also honored the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (TEPSA) choice for Texas Elementary Principal of the Year

Men of Men’s Prayer Breakfast Dish it up for the Ladies

breakfast-0Members of Men’s Prayer Breakfast treat the ladies to a delicious breakfast in honor of Mother’s Day each year. They really dished up tasty vittles on Monday, May 7, 2017. Dennis Stafford created the fluffiest pancakes, and Bacon Man Marcel Elissalde presented crispy bacon crisped to perfection. Coffee, juice, and fruit along with butter and syrups completed the morning

Slam Dunk for Children’s 2017 Grand Slam Tournament

GS-0By Linda Elissalde
The clouds gathered and the wind blew, but for kids taking part in the CHILDREN’S TOURNAMENT sponsored by HOLTZCLAW FOUNDATION, it was a slam dunk for a Grand Slam morning. Brenda Flanagan lined everyone up and let them start fishing at 8:00 AM on the dot. Each child zoomed along the deck clutching a rod and reel donated by

Stations Of The Cross

StationsGardenoBy Linda Elissalde
You are invited to take a special walk at Bay Vue United Methodist Church. Pastor Valerie Hudson and members of the congregation have created an interactive presentation of Jesus’ last days. Fourteen different stations will take you from the garden to the tomb where Jesus was laid. It is an informative and spiritual adventure. Worship

Lenten Luncheons 2017

Lenten0By Linda Elissalde
It was a case of two old home weeks when Bay Vue United Methodist Church hosted their annual Lenten Luncheons. These events include great food provided by the church care groups. Selected speakers are invited to present uplifting messages to attendees. The presenters bring wonderful words each year, but this year was especially

Four Pats for St. Patrick’s Day

4Pats-0y Linda Elissalde
Daisy and Dewey Jones threw a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon in their charming octagon shaped house that sports a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico. The Irish theme was carried out in decorations, favors, gifts and delicious Irish dishes. It was an amazing celebration, especially when you consider the fact that neither

They’re Coming to the Peninsula

HATS-0By Linda Elissalde
Neil Diamond sang out, “They’re Coming To America.” However on March 4, 2017 the lyrics could have been, “They’re Coming To The Peninsula!” The Houston Area Trails & More (HATs) and Aquila District Boy Scouts arrived by cars, buses, trailers, and/or ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula for very special reasons. HATs are people who enjoy hiking

Honesty is the Best Policy

Ace_0I, Linda C. Elissalde (aka: Ace Reporter), was on a mission to record Bolivar events of March 4, 2017. In my hurry to cover all the facts, I inadvertently dropped my I Phone at the North Jetty. I didn’t realize that the phone was missing until I was ready to cover the Ft. Travis part of the HATs hiking tour. Panicked, because everything for 2 years was on that device, I zoomed back to the North Jetty. No phone lay

Sewing HOPE

sewers_0By Linda Elissalde
What in the world are pillow case dresses? The obvious answer is dresses made out of pillow cases. However, some unique dresses are far more than that. They serve as ambassadors to plant in the hearts of little girls the belief that they are worthy. Rachel O’Neill and her husband Michael went to Uganda and Kenya to celebrate her

Galveston Ronald McDonald House receives gift from caring people

RMcD-0By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Women’s Ministries provide many services to our church and community. They were searching for a good project during the 2016 Advent Season. All agreed that sponsoring a donation drive for the Galveston Ronald McDonald House would be the perfect gift to give to a most deserving charity. The house serves families from

Rita Moseley, Person of the Year

rita_0By Linda Elissalde
The Advisory Council of Bay Vue United Methodist Church named RITA MOSELEY as their PERSON OF THE YEAR for 2016. This group chooses one member, out of all the outstanding folk who attend Bay Vue UMC, as someone who has contributed the most to family, friends, church and community. Gary Huebel was the recipient

Worth a trip across the pond

bryan_0By Linda Elissalde
The Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Arts Foundation just gets better and better. One of the best things they have done was to sponsor a trip to The Bryan Museum over on Galveston Island. It is fun to ride the Bolivar ferry, but most Bolivarians (Bolivarites? Bolivians?) combine several activities when planning a trip over to Galveston. However, just going

Operation Red Dust

RedDust_0By Linda Elissalde
Bill, Jean, Mary Jean and Anna Leigh Sargent are a gifted and talented family. They cook gourmet meals and serve 30 guests with the blink of an eye. All are musically endowed. Bill handles the drums while Jean, Mary Jean and Anna Leigh sing and play myriad instruments. Their family group, EXODUS XV, has performed for many events in

Happy Thanksgiving!


May your turkey breasts be heavy.
May you enjoy every bite.
And when you step on your scales
May your weight still be light.

Weatherwoman, Tornados and Trash Trucks

linda_0By Linda Elissalde
Mary Ellen Smith is a very good friend. Among her many fine qualities is the fact that she lets her buddies know when bad weather is about to occur. So it was that Mary Ellen warned Dr. Melanie Wallace that rain storms would arrive in Crystal Beach last Tuesday. Melanie, author of THE BOLIVAR PENINSULA, was here because of book signing

Friends, Food, Film and Fun!

elissalde0By Linda Elissalde
Good friends, good food, good films and great fun! These were all provided by Dr. Melanie and Mack Wallace. The generous twosome treated beach buddies Dr. Marcel and Linda C. Elissalde to a fantastic Ft. Worth weekend. The Lone Star Film Festival provided superb entertainment for the foursome. Movies entered in competition by up and coming

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