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Jeeps At The Beach TX

jeeps-0Look out for great things to come from Jeeps At The Beach TX (JATB). JATB, a new jeep club in town, has adopted part of the beach from Monkhouse Drive to Westview Road. A large group of jeepers showed up last Saturday for the unveiling of the new sign and their inaugural beach cleanup. Michele Sibley is the President of JATB – “It really is amazing to see Jeepers coming together for a

Crystal Dunes, a new beachfront community

Crystal Dunes, a new beachfront additionDevelopers Bill McDaniel and Chuck Langham welcomed visitors Saturday to their newest development on Bolivar, with an Open House and Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Crystal Dunes, a beautiful gated property with FEMA and TWIA insurable lots, features a nicely landscaped beachfront completely surrounded by abundant wetlands. The property proudly features an underground electricity system,

Recreational Boating Safety – The Float Plan: Gone Fishin’

USCG-floatplan-0By Bob Currie, Vessel Examiner
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 081-06-08
USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 081-06-08 is based at Coast Guard Station Galveston. Preparation is one of the main keys to boating safety, and when things do go wrong on the water, filing a float plan with one or more people can mean the difference between being rescued and being lost

Galveston Bay Earns a “C”

GBF_02017 Galveston Bay Report Card Released
The Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) and the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) released the latest results of the “2017 Galveston Bay Report Card”—a grading system used to convey the health of the Bay. The study assigned an overall grade of “C”, denoting significant threats to the region—an area marred by pollution, habitat loss

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