Jam-packed Weekend

GO_0214-0By Georgia Osten
It’s been a jam-packed weekend, one of those I would NOT pick as relaxing. Lately, I try not to get too worked up when it seems there’s a lot going on. I really just try to stay in a fog. That means, I try to just go with the flow. Earlier in the week, my husband mentioned that maybe we could go to DeRidder, Louisiana, to catch our nephew’s basketball game. And, maybe, we could stay at L’Auberge Casino in Lake Charles – check in on our way to DeRidder, drive back after the basketball game and gamble a bit. All of this, totally out of my “comfort zone” – Another story. It’s okay, as long as I stay in a daze and just be ready when we’re ready to leave. Oh, AND as long as we have someone to stay with Maezy.


We returned from our Louisiana trip by noon on Saturday, remembering we had invited “The Sisters” over for “D & D” (dinner and dominoes). It’s all good, Liz and I took the lead, sending Katie and Tom off to lick their wounds.

Sunday, EARLY, we headed over to Galveston’s 7th Annual Marathon – our 2nd Annual! Our son and 2 of his besties ran the half marathon, along with another 1000 or so. Our dearest daughter-in-law provided the signs and the T’s for the kiddos – “Run Daddy Run”


My sign, I’m sure she prepares just for me to keep me out of trouble – “Touch here for Power!” I LOVE IT! I hold it proudly and the runners seem to love it. Or maybe not, a couple of runners actually knocked it out of my hands and I had to go scrambling for it.

I’ve gotta tell you, I was exhausted after that marathon!

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