Keepin’ the Coast clear

Enjoying a day at the beach for many means sinking your toes in the sand with the crash of waves as your sound track. All too often we encounter the unsightly and unwelcome trash and debris, cluttering our good time. This is a worldwide issue, but helping to combat the problem here on Bolivar is Keepin’ It Coastal, a foundation created by Mike and Stacy Grubbs, dedicated to a mission – The Coast is Clear Project. Mike and Stacy moved back to Bolivar in February. After becoming irritated by the amount of trash on our beach, Mike created a Facebook page to gain awareness and get his feelings out. Mike says, “the only way I know to do it passively is to pick trash up.”

When his Facebook page gained momentum and others left feedback and shared the same concerns, he branched out to form Keepin’ It Coastal. “If people see us picking up trash, it’ll change the idea,” says Mike. With Samson Energy as their sponsor, they are “embracing a stronger ocean conservation ethic, committing to pack out what we pack in to our local beach.” We can all do our part to help keep our beaches clean and enjoyable. And Keepin’ It Coastal is lending many hands and inviting all to contribute in the clean-up effort. They coordinated their second community clean-up project this past Saturday, August 3rd at Boyt Road. Samson bought lunch from Subway for all of the volunteers. Mike admits, “I never intended to be a garbage man. I love to enjoy the beach and fish. We like to surf, we like to sail, that’s why we live here. But this idea needs some help.”

Mike and Stacy Grubbs are dedicated to a mission - The Coast is Clear Project.

Keepin’ It Coastal is organizing another Adopt a Beach clean-up event for September 23rd. They are hoping for more than 400 volunteers, and again, a great deal of support from Samson. They will move down the beach between Monkhouse and Gulf Shores, working to support all of Crystal Beach.

It’s contagious. The Peninsula will embrace the efforts. People will notice and hopefully feel the urge to pick-up after themselves and others so we can all enjoy the beauty of a day at the beach.

Find more information, make a donation, or purchase apparel at and follow them on Facebook

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4 Responses to “Keepin’ the Coast clear”

  1. Rubber Ducky says:

    What great people to take up this cause on their own and make a difference!! We need more people who believe they can change their world! Thank you!!

  2. Ellen Kennedy says:

    I grab two shopping bags and take a walk twice a week and pick up trash as I go. I have gotten several thank yous. If people see others picking trash up they will make the effort.

    Beach Mom

  3. larry says:

    i think we need more trash can on the beach and more signs that read NO LITERING! NO GLASS! we need to inforce this!

  4. larry says:

    i think we need more thrash cans on the beach and we need to more signs no not litering and inforce the liter law!

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