Last Week!

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
We have had better and we have had worse. The week started with RR finally admitting he was Very sick. Got him to the Dr on Tuesday but it took the Dr and several nurses to get through his thick head just who bad it was. No was his word the five days before but it did not work today! Off we go to the new Jeannie Sealy hospital. If you use UTMB you already know how easy this transition is. By the time we arrived at the hospital, someone greeted us at the door and told us to go to the floor we were assigned. No administration time, no finding medical cards, just head for the elevator, and we did. When we arrived on that floor, found a nurse, gave RR’s name and were assisted to his room, name already on the door. What service. RR started with allergies the week before and made it’s way to his lungs, not good. His oxygen levels were very low and his cough was very bad, and his mood was worse. The food was great and always hot, if you got to eat when it was served, sometimes there were doctors and their five minions. CB_2017-0307If the head Dr did something, all the minions had to do the same thing, that was find except when RR had to take deep breaths. 40 deep breaths were a little too much, and he told the last minion “you are out of luck, I do not have five deep breaths left”.

RR is much better this week, but these people in the hospital wanted to share their germs with ME. I being wiser than your average bear made my way to the Dr and drugs were prescribed and I am better already.

The good thing about last week was finally my favorite sport came back! Yea for NASCAR! If we had to be sick at least we enjoyed to TV.

Thank you to our neighbors and good friends for food and hand holding. Love you all.

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