One Year Later

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
It has been one year since we left the conventional life of house, yard and plants. Those were the important things to me at that time and I really cannot say what RR’s important things were. It has taken me some time to realize how much easier life is, but I did it! Yes, I still have to dust, mop and vacuum but Guys it takes so little time and energy! At this age that is important. No we do not have room for stuff but I have discovered I really do not need that stuff, most of it needed to be dusted. That is really not my favorite job.

I can say this is HOME now. I love it and enjoy the closeness RR and I have. I love where we are staying now and I love the people around us. This life has given us a whole new perspective on living. There is more time for each other and every new sunrise is an adventure. It is still easy to get lost in our own lil world and it is still very easy for time for ourselves. Yes, it was hard to leave most of what we thought was important in our lives and yes we have had days where going back would have been so much easier. We stuck to our decision and I am so glad we did.

I must tell you I do have a few plants around the house on wheels and that is enough for me now. I also have my great big weed-eater handy so I can trim the area around our home the way “I” want it. I do not have a dish washer, well I do, it’s me. That warm water has really helped my hands and done wonders for my cuticles. I do not have a big oven, this too is good. I do not need to make big dinners or cakes.

We have so much fun every weekend with our neighbors, everyone brings something to the table and we call it lunch or dinner. There is no discussion of world events and we do not discuss the Super Bowl!

Life is really good and I can smell the roses when I want to.

Life is really good and I can smell the roses when I want to.


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