Oysters are Diminishing

oyster-00Shell out and then get ready to say goodbye to oyster prices as you know them. We can thank Hurricane Harvey for costing us again, this time when it comes to seafood, and most specifically oysters. Because of the freshwater runoff into Galveston Bay, the low salinity level of the water has destroyed our shelled marine life. Experts say maybe 10% of the bivalves remain, if that. This is yet another setback to the multi-million dollar commercial fishing and seafood industry, as they were still recovering from other tropical storms, even as far back as Ike. It is predicted to take up to two years to repopulate the Galveston Bay. We may have to say goodbye for now, but no fear, Texas is strong and will bring back our beloved seafood better than ever.

Houston Chronicle: Harvey decimated Galveston Bay’s oyster population


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