cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
When we left for the last storm we really didn’t meet very many people. I am not sure why, I can only assume it was because we were not gone very long and we spent quite a bit of time sightseeing. This time has been very different. The people who own the park we are staying at have been very friendly and helpful and we received a discount because of Harvey.

Sunday at church, Father asked if there were any visitors and of course, we were the only ones. So you have to raise your hand, not going to lie in Church! CB-0912-1Off we go to the front of church and Father asked who we are and where we are from. Well, there was this huge Ohhhhhhh. When mass was over so many people asked how they could help and did we need anything. And then when we were in Kroger, a lady came up to us and explained that she saw us in church and lived alone and had room for us if we needed a home. What beautiful people.

We have met several people in the park and everyone has been so friendly. Our park is only a few miles off I-20, so many are here overnight only. One of the couples were on their way home to Arizona from an annual get together with the owners of our 5th wheel. We learned so much from them in just a 30 minute chat.

The employees at Whataburger were so friendly, now this is one of those places RR and I have spent a meal or two. Very few times we have met someone who was not friendly. Here in Marshall they were very friendly and thanked us for coming in and said a few words goodbye.

CB-0912-2This morning I watched a man prepare to leave the park. With that said, he was on a motorcycle and had a nice size tent. The man was ever so methodical. I was sitting at the table working on something and every so often I would look up to watch his progress. He was very efficient in taking down the tent, putting together his little cooler and equipment. I am a slow walker and I wanted to push him. I guess if you are going to spend most of the day on a bike you may enjoy walking just a little longer. When he finally got all his stuff on the bike, he started it, startling the sleeping ducks, who took off running for the pond. At least something was fast.

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