Roaring Good Time…and All That Jazz

krewe00The Lighthouse Krewe Mardi Gras Ball Roared into the 20’s for their gala affair. Coconuts was hoppin’ and the giggle water was flowin’ on Saturday night as the Krewe celebrated another Mardi Gras season approaching. They fare-welled the outgoing King Matt Pace and his Queen Gladys Pace, as they hailed and crowned the new King Danny Butts and his Queen Shelley Butts. The new King and Queen will preside over the Mardi Gras Parade on February 25th. Also in attendance were Duke Jimmy Dinkins and Duchess Linda Calvey, as well as Duke Bobby Spirko and his Duchess Lydia Spirko. Everyone was all dolled up and had a swell time as they were puttin’ on the ritz. And the music by Jerry Diaz and Hanna’s Reef was quite the bee’s knees. It was a Roaring Good Time…and All That Jazz.


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