Roping off beach not allowed

From William Comeaux, Galveston County
Roping off, fencing off, reserving part of the beach etc. is not allowed. This past jeep weekend there were so many sections of beach that were “reserved” starting a week before the event that day beach visitors had no spot to set up, beach crews couldn’t effectively do their job, our garbage contractor had a hard time emptying barrels and in some cases when the tide got high, the staked off area blocked travel down the beach. Starting this week, if we find a staked off area that is unattended on Bolivar Beaches, it can be removed and discarded so that all visitors can enjoy our beaches.

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4 Responses to “Roping off beach not allowed”

  1. Mike LeBlanc says:

    Well said William! The enormous amount of people who crowd onto the beach for jeep week-end is a catastrophe in the making. Steps must be taken to allow room for security and emergency personnel to move freely. The way jeep week-end now exists THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE! The maintenance crew does an incredible job of keeping the beach presentable I hear wonderful comments all the time! THANK THEM!

  2. Carlis says:

    So very glad this will be enforced, the beach should be child-friendly and accessible for all, particularly emergency vehicles and personnel. Thanks, Carlis Cole

  3. RR says:

    Who will inforce the rule ?

  4. Starfish713 says:

    Understand that the beach is public, why not designate an area for camping and RV parking that isn’t in front of a subdivision. Who wants to listen to a generator drown out the natural sound of the waves and wind or stare at a portable outhouse.Those of us that pay taxes can’t enjoy what we are paying for while those that don’t pay taxes set up camp for a week and have basically “reserved” part of the beach.

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