Ryder-ish Cup competition at The Ranch

Ryder-0A fun and friendly golf competition was held on Saturday. For the 4th year in a row, the East Texas Outlaws from Lufkin played the Crystal Beach Golfers in a Ryder Cup type competition at the Crystal Beach Golf Course, aka The Ranch. Six 2-person teams played 3 nine-hole rounds of match-play golf under different formats: par three scramble, full course shamble, and a 3-club only scramble. This event was organized by Bill and Diane Agnew, Lufkin transplants now living in Crystal Beach, to carry on the tradition started by a group of Lufkin Country Club members called the Texas Outlaw Golf Association.



For the love of the game and the opportunity to take home the Crystal Beach Cup, these golfers come together twice a year to have a friendly, yet trash-talking competition, to earn bragging rights for the year. There were plenty of ice-cold beverages and an oversized platter of freshly barbecued pulled pork to keep everyone fed and happy. Diane cooked up a huge pot of her special mac and cheese, and many players served it up between a couple of slices of bread for a delightful “low-carb” meal as the games continued.


At the start of the final round, the score was tied 6 to 6. Tension mounted as the teams were concluding round three. After the first 4 finishing teams turned in their scores, Crystal Beach was up by a score of 8-1/2 to 7-1/2. Team 5 rolled in a little while later with a win going to the Outlaws. Now tied, the wait for the final score seemed to take forever. Team 6 was on the final hole. When they finally carted up to the clubhouse, they turned in another win for the Outlaws. The Cup went back to Lufkin…for this year.

The camaraderie was felt by all as the good times kept bringing a hole-in-one (or three). See you next year on the green.

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