Sand Creation Vacation

spencer00Though you make your mark in the sand and the tide washes it away, the memories are etched in time and the pictures reflect the good times had on vacation. Mike Spencer and his family are familiar with this aspect of summertimes spent in Crystal Beach. The Spencers from Port Neches, TX, vacation here annually and their presence is known by the creations they leave in the sand each day. “I usually get it started,” says Mike, “then step back and let the kids take over.” The many family members and friends gathering for a beach vacation are used to this daily occurrence, showing off their sand sculpting skills to produce great masterpieces. Unfortunately, high tides each evening reclaimed most of the creations, but that only allowed them to start anew the next day.


Mike added a new activity for the kids this year – a sand maze! Using a 4-prong rake, he carved pathways in the sand with four centers and several dead ends. The kids, both young and old, had an a-maze-ing time finding their way. “Once they figure it out,” Mike added, “you can change the dead ends.”


Thank you Spencer Family for bringing sandy excitement to our beaches. Looking forward to your creations next summer!

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