Somewhere in this I think I got Older! Oh Lord!!

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Most of us at my age grew up washing dishes, hanging clothes on the line, and helping Dad with the yard. There was no choice. You made your bed and hung up your clothes or put then in the hamper. You always hung up your towel and used it more than once and you used a wash rag for your bath or shower and you used whatever Mom purchased at the corner store to shampoo. Mom had a frying pan and an iron skillet and that made the very best pineapple upside down cake in the whole wide world. That iron skillet made the best corn bread with the beans and rice you had on Monday’s, cause Monday’s were wash day. Tuesday was iron day and so on. I tried so hard to have something to do on Tuesday in the summer, as I still hate, and I mean hate to iron. Hanging out clothes for Mom in the summer was also a great way to get a little sunshine on the side. Not everyone went to the beach on the weekend and pools in your subdivision had not been invented yet.

Meanwhile, back to the title. I really don’t think our grandchildren have any idea how much fun it was doing the above chores. Yes, they have to load the dish washer, and yes, they may have to do their own laundry maybe. But there are adults charging for yard service, and a young man trying to earn funds for weekends have no chance to get these jobs now. I know this, as our youngest grandson does yards when he can. Our granddaughters baby sit for years for extra funds.

Then, if both parents work, there is the maid service every other week. Where were they when I was on my knees on the hard wood floors? While you are down there might as well get the baseboards, Ugh! Surprised we have any knees left.

Now, I am back to washing dishes by hand, no room for a dish washer, so I look at it as a good way to keep the cuticles pushed up and clean. Now, it takes about 30 minutes to maybe an hour to totally clean this place and that is top to vacuum. There are times I would love to have a clothes line to hang sheets, remember they smelled so good. There are times I wish I still had a very large yard but being truthful that is not very often any more.

Have a great week and stay sane, or try.


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