Stretching the Brain

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
A few weeks ago I made the journey back to work. I am working a few days a week with wonderful people and enjoying being out of the house. Now, with that said, I am trying to stretch my brain cells again. Learning new things at my age is difficult at best, but fun, I think. I decided it was time for one of us to get out of the house-on-wheels a little bit. Since I had made this decision, “I” needed to be the one to find something to do. Well I did and I love it.

As you well know we (old people) can get stagnant in our thoughts and deeds. We need to stretch our imagination and see “what’s new out in the world.” Let’s face it, we have a tendency to stay put as we get older and this is not good. I love that saying, “don’t give me trouble about helping me with my phone – who taught you to use a spoon”. The problem I have is retaining what that “kid” said five minutes after they leave. It takes me several times doing something before I can even reason why I am doing this new task. (Ya know what I mean?)

Well, I am using my computer skills, working with people I know, using my phone skills and having a blast. There is the possibility that total retirement is not what it is made out to be. Some people are able to set in a chair and watch the world go by, not me. I drive RR crazy with my inability to sit still. Both of our daughters have clean flower beds and beautiful blooms thanks to our hard work. We have wonderful tomatoes growing in big pots and veggies in even bigger pots! OK, that is done, now what to do? See what I mean. It is so good for me to be out of the house so RR has time to rest instead of watching me tethering.

Have a Great Week.

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