Texas Coast Resiliency Master Plan

TCRP-0(March 22, 2017) Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announced the General Land Office (GLO) has completed the Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan, the first inclusive coastal plan for the state with the 6th longest coastline. To review the executive summary, master plan and technical report, visit the GLO’s Hurricane Preparedness & Planning webpage. “It is long past the time to protect our Texas coast,” said Commissioner Bush. “The reality is that it is not a matter of if, but when, the next big storm will strike. Sadly, our current level of Texas coastal protection is no better than in 2008 when Hurricanes Dolly and Ike caused devastation from South Padre Island to Port Arthur. In creating the Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan, we have prioritized restoration and protection projects that can be implemented in the short-term to protect our coastline while we continue to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and congressional stakeholders on a defensive coastal barrier system.”

The Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan better prepares the state for the next hurricane to hit the Texas Coast by creating a framework for coastal management, restoration and protection measures. The plan also guides the GLO in the execution of its responsibilities and provides Texas coastal communities with a set of scientifically sound, feasible and cost-effective coastal resiliency projects. The GLO is also working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and meeting with Members of Congress to move forward with the Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study, which will study and make recommendations for large-scale projects, including the coastal barrier system, to protect the densely populated neighborhoods and industries surrounding the Houston Shipping Channel.

“As the Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, I am committed to making sure that this state does all it can to protect the people, economy and natural resources of the Texas coast,” said Commissioner Bush. “As Texans, we are resilient, but we should also be prepared. The GLO’s efforts to mitigate the damage from the next big storm is conducted through a dual approach of planning for the coast at the state and federal levels.”

click image to read Executive Summary

click image to read Executive Summary

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