Washers on the 4th

The sand was warm and the refreshments were iced down! As the sun shined down on the 7th Annual Washers Tournament, all the teams were ready for a fun competition this 4th of July Weekend. Every year, Jordan Kirwin organizes the event. The registration fills up fast and early on, as this competition might be the most well-known washers tournament of the year in Crystal Beach. And it’s always a crowd pleaser. Saturday brought self-proclaimed semi-professionals, amateurs old and young, and even teenagers who love the game. The washers were spinning and dropping.

A big thanks to Turbo Power Systems for sponsoring the Washers Tournament again this year. They donated $3500 to Texas Crab Festival Charities, providing scholarships and educational grants to local residents.


First Place Team ($1000): Crystal Beach Hole Fillers

First Place Team ($1000): Crystal Beach Hole Fillers

Second Place Team: Get Lit n Hit

Second Place Team ($400): Get Lit n Hit

Third Place Team: Butt Naked Wanda

Third Place Team ($200): Butt Naked Wanda

Fourth Place Team: Potato Star

Fourth Place Team ($30): Potato Star

Fifth Place Team: All Day

Fifth Place Team ($30): All Day

Sixth Place Team: Ships Wheel

Sixth Place Team ($30): Ships Wheel

Seventh Place Team: Hatorade

Seventh Place Team ($30): Hatorade

Eighth Place Team: Last Minute

Eighth Place Team ($30): Last Minute


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