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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
This past Monday, RR and I came home from our daughter’s home in Pearland. We were there for two weeks while I was being pampered and taken care of, what spoiling I received! Coffee was made every morning, Lord, anyone could get use to this! The Home Health Service we were sent home with does not work in our area. So they had to transfer me to their competition. They were very kind about this. I guess I am used to people saying “we can not handle this, you will have to find another service.” Nope, they did the research and had some one call me. Of course, I did not answer, figuring it was a robo call. Anyway, they called back and left a message, which I returned.

As some of you might know, with Home Health they first send out a nurse to research how much service you will need. Then they send out the meanies to make you get stronger than you want. Same thing happened with the second service.

She lives in China and drove over this morning in this horrible fog. RR greeted her at the door as I was still getting dressed. We sat down and went over the same thing as the first nurse, except this nurse read what the doctor had written as to why I needed these services.

She said, “I see here you are 72 years of age and were playing foot ball, running back to catch the ball when you slipped and fell.” RR and I started laughing so hard we may have awakened the neighbors! And we kept laughing and she looked at us dumb-founded.

As some of you might already know, I am truly full of it (BS). Most of the time, I never give you a straight answer, and I did this with the Doctor, and bless him, he did not know I was teasing. Even after I explained to him that I really slipped on wet grass and slipped into a ditch with flip-flops on.
Now this nurse was so disappointed that it was a joke, as you see she was excited to meet a 72 year old who still plays foot ball. So before she left, we came up with I was on the first women’s All American football team, and I was still playing. Sometimes life is more fun with a laugh added in here and there.

Have a great week. And, to all you beautiful people still feeding RR and me, we so appreciate it!

But he still has to wash dishes. LOL


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