2018 Crabfest T-Shirt Design Contest

One of the time honored traditions of the Texas Crab Festival is the annual T-Shirt Design Contest. Each year, the TCF issues a call to all artists to submit a design to be printed on the Official T-Shirt for the Texas Crab Festival. This shirt is featured everywhere and worn by many, showing support for the event and our community. There are a few requirements for the design, but the overall theme runs true throughout.

The Texas Crab Festival celebrates Music, Art, Crabs, and our Gulf Coast Style. Congratulations to this year’s artists

2018 Crabfest T-Shirt Design Contest

Artwork by Mena Baldwin
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This artwork from 1st Place WINNER Mena Baldwin will be the featured design on the official 2018 Texas Crab Festival T-Shirt! CONGRATULATIONS, MENA!

Mena knew at a young age that she wanted to be an artist. Over the years her artwork has evolved from simplistic figures to fully detailed storytelling imagery. Mena’s love for art is evident as she majored in Fine Arts and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Currently, she works as a graphic artist at Cocomo Joe’s in Beaumont, Texas. Her job there allows her to implement her artistic creativity through the numerous designs she produces. This is the second year Mena has been honored by having her design chosen for the Annual Crab Fest.

2018 Crabfest T-Shirt Design Contest

Artwork by Patty Hagstrom
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Patricia Hagstrom has been painting and exhibiting her work in the U.S.and International scene for over 25 years. Born in the mountains of Bradford, Pa., Patricia has an intuitive appreciation of nature. Her academic background began with a BS degree from Villa Maria College in Erie, Pa. and a BFA degree from Dominican College in Houston, Tx. She then pursued her advanced art studies with a scholarship from Gonzaga Univ. in Florence, Italy and obtained her Masters Degree from the Univ. of Houston, Tx.
“ With you as the viewer, I delight in creating a visual experience. This empathy with our surroundings could not exist without the two of us…”

2018 Crabfest T-Shirt Design Contest

Artwork by Karen Rush
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From her early roots in New York to icy Michigan winters to Beaumont and finally her home in Crystal Beach, Karen Rush has continually drawn inspiration from the people who surround us all in our daily lives. The gift of artistic creativity guides her head and stirs her heart. She has directed arts and crafts at summer camp, painted wooden furniture, made sea glass jewelry, and brought blank pages to life with pen and ink. She loves to bake bread for family and friends and often writes fiction by the window overlooking Crystal Beach. With her husband Jim, she enjoys the outdoors from morning walks on the beach and fishing in the Gulf to annual hikes in the Rocky Mountains. She’s crazy about her own family and the energy they exude. She believes in an afterlife, frozen Snickers Candy Bars, and that everyone has a story.

2018 Crabfest T-Shirt Design Contest

Artwork by C.C. Sutphen
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C.C. Sutphen is an 8th generation Texan whose ancestors settled Texas as one of Austin’s original 300 families. Born and raised in Beaumont, she spent considerable time on the Bolivar Peninsula beaches where sand, salt water and the gulf coast lifestyle became part of her soul. She and her husband Jim, have owned property on Crystal Beach since 1991 and are currently living here full time.

C.C.’s interest in art was first ignited by watching her grandmother paint English roses and southern magnolias on canvas and china. While attending All Saints Episcopal School, she remembers taking her first art instruction with well renowned artists David and Patty Cargill-a rare privilege-which left her yearning to learn more about the creative world of art and expression.

Now retired after 25 years as a marketing and public relations professional, C.C. used her artistic and creative talents in a wide-variety of ways including advertising campaigns, special events decor, and interior design. During her career, she continued painting for her private pleasure and still paints today working mostly in acrylic as well as mixed-media projects. C.C. now looks forward to now having the extra time to paint and improve her skill. According to C.C.,the crab festival poster contest gave her a chance to create something whimsical and fun.

What an awesome display of talent among us here on the peninsula. The TCF thanks these artists for their dedication to the event and community. Wear the shirt proudly, spread the word about the Texas Crab Festival, and we’ll see your new design entry again next year.


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