2021 Property Tax Deadline Looms

Galveston County Assessor and Collector of TaxesThe deadline for timely payment of 2021 property taxes is January 31st and the Galveston County Tax Office hopes to make it easy for you to check that chore off the “to do” list. One-fourth installment payment option is available to all property owners this year due to on-going disaster declarations.  Divide total 2021 amount due by four and submit first payment by January 31st. The remaining installments will be due March 31, May 31, and August 1 (coupons with payment envelopes will be mailed in March as a reminder).

As in the past, the Galveston and League City branches will have extended hours January 31st (7:30 am to 5:30 pm). Additional staff will be assisting in branches and shortened lunches will keep the counters full throughout the last week of January and January 31st. For those waiting until the last minute, you will be competing for a place in line with more than 20,000 others renewing vehicle registrations, so expect long lines.

Avoid the lines by utilizing other payment options:

  1. Yellow payment boxes at parking lot of all full time offices (picked up at 8:30 am daily and stamped received previous business day) and black payment box at side drive of Friendswood City Hall
  2. US mail – Please note that all local mail is routed through the North Houston Distribution Center and could receive a next day postmark. Drop off a couple of days ahead of the 31st to ensure a timely postmark
  3. Online (www.galcotax.com) via electronic check ($1 fee) or credit/debit card (2.5% fee)
  4. Credit card via telephone (English 1-866-865-1433 or Spanish 1-866-865-1435)

If using online banking, expect a 3-5 day delay for a paper check to be prepared and mailed to our office which could result in penalty and interest if the bank does not prepare the check the same day it is authorized.

For directions to office locations call (toll free) 1-877-766-2284 or visit the GCTO website. Those with property tax questions should call the Property Tax Department at (409) 766-2481.

Information on Deferral/Postponement of Property Tax Payments

Texas homeowners who are 65 or older or any homeowners who are qualified disabled (receiving benefits from Federal Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance program) may postpone or defer current and delinquent property taxes by completing a tax deferral affidavit and submitting it to the county appraisal district. As a courtesy, GCTO will deliver CAD related forms to the Harris and Galveston CAD offices.

Once a deferral affidavit is on file, taxes are deferred – not cancelled – as long as the owner continues to quality. Deferred taxes accumulate interest at a rate of five (5%) percent per year. This does not include penalty and interest on taxes unpaid prior to the deferral application. Surviving spouses at least 55 years old are eligible to continue the deferral if the qualifying spouse passes away. Those with a mortgage should first check with their mortgage company to ensure a deferral will not violate the terms of the deed of trust.

Taxes will become due 180 days after notice by the Tax Office of removal of the deferral and issuance of a tax statement.

Galveston County Tax Office
January 7, 2022

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