cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Our 5th wheel total floor (walking) space is 320. That is our kitchen, living area, kitchen table, bath and bedroom. With that said, we have been in this area since March 15th, mostly RR, as his lungs are very tired. Rene’ and Dianne, our daughters, bring us goodies, or I’ll go to the stores. RR & I both have lap tops and a printer, and there are times when the little table is way too little for all of that at one time. I have noticed that one or the other of us has a tendency to scoot the other’s stuff to make room. BAD! Thank goodness there is outside for one of us to head before the steam starts coming out of our ears.

RR gets outside some in his tool box (16 ft work trailer) and I take care of my plants. Last month, I noticed our neighbor, Dan, had two bird feeders up and lots of green parrots were feasting. So off I went to the box store for feeders and food. It took a while but they found me! Now we have birds that eat at the two feeders and birds that feed from the ground. The green parrots eat from both feeders and make a mess with the food, slinging it everywhere, which is good for the mourning doves, 3 ducks (Darrell, Darrell and Larry), four Mexican black belly squawkers, 2 white herons and a beautiful grey heron. I am very happy to watch them feed and chat with each other. “Get out of my way,” I think that is what they are saying. With all the rain we have had, we have a drainage area just under the feeder and the birds get bath time too.

I must say we have worked on quite a few of our honey do’s and that is so good because Lord knows we have more to do.

Today RR left the house, his barber finally reopened. His hair had grown so much! With a little product and a comb he could have a new do. I really got a dirty look and no come back or answer. LOL! I had planned on letting him go by himself but no, he wanted to have Shrimp & Stuff for lunch. I was not turning that down.

We are back home and RR is down for a nap and I am writing to you. I must be honest, I had nothing to write for 7 days because of all the doom and gloom on TV. I had things I could say but thought better of them.

Take care, and Peace be with You.


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  1. Sara says:

    I did not realize that the peninsula had green parrots. I enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing

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