A Clean Beach is A Happy Beach

A Clean Beach is A Happy BeachEd Sayyah’s motto is “a clean beach is a happy beach”. He lives it daily by showing his love for our beaches. Ed is a resident of Crystal Beach, originally from Florida, and a true beach lover at heart. About 3 months ago, Ed began his mission to clean up the beach. Ed spends 4 to 5 days a week traveling the beach in his golf cart picking up trash. He usually begins around 8am and it takes him until early afternoon to complete the 3 mile stretch of beach from west of the washout to Pearl Beach. He doesn’t have to get out of his cart for most items, as he has an extra long grabber and a trash can uniquely mounted to the front of his golf cart.

A Clean Beach is A Happy Beach

Ed had a receiver hitch installed on the front of his cart and purchased the trash can mount on Amazon (of course!). Each day, he will fill 5-6 bags with trash of all sorts…and, he says “lots of shoes!” Though it is obvious that a lot of the trash washes in from offshore. Either way, trash is trash and our beaches are much more inviting and enjoyable without the trash.

A Clean Beach is A Happy Beach

So when you see Ed on the beach with his innovative trash-can-cart, wave to him and give him a thumbs-up. Show some appreciation as he does his part to Keep Bolivar Beautiful.

A Clean Beach is A Happy Beach


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2 Responses to “A Clean Beach is A Happy Beach”

  1. Carlis Cole says:

    Thank you for Keeping Bolivar Beautiful

  2. Ken Pitlik says:

    Great job Ed!! We all enjoy the beach and should all chip in as often as we can to keep our beaches clean.

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