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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
As grandparents, we know the wonder of grandbabies. There is nothing more special than a day with grandchildren. Two weeks ago, Josh, our first born grandson, called his Papa to see if he wanted to go fishing. Of course! Josh came over Friday night, and Saturday morning they were putting the last of the things into the boat. What a team they have always been and they have fun together.

My job was to make sandwiches, chips, cheese, beer and water. And of course, a hat for Papa and sun screen for both. My other job was to badger both to use said hat and lotion. Off they went happy as larks.

No fish were caught, as the night before was full moon, but what was caught was fun catching up on happenings in the family and Grandpa and Grandson bonding.

I told them to send me pictures, RR took two and only sent me one, the one of Josh. The second one was of RR with his big hat on. I was told not to use that one, darn!

We had the leftover shrimp with our dinner, and soon our visit was over. We were so happy to have him and so sad to see him leave.

My part of the day was wonderful! I played in the dirt making new baskets to hang. Freshening up last year’s plants. And, I got to watch my favorite PBS Saturday morning shows in peace. Of course, I’m the one in trouble, I did not put on my big sun hat and my neck and shoulders are peeling.

Have a great week.


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