A different type of Spring Break

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
We all here on the peninsula can tell a story about the horrors of Spring Break, but this is about a different type of Spring Break. Several weeks before Spring Break, I ran into friends that lived down the street from our home on Boyt Road, we were all voting at the community center. Karen told me she had asked her church to assist in helping the couple that purchased our home.

I guess I should start at the beginning, when we sold our home, we also made new friends. I know you are not to do this, never ever go back, well I did. The new owner loved the yard and wanted to keep up the work I had started. Every time she came to the beach, she and I would have lunch and spend some time talking about things to do in the yard. We both loved our visits, and there were times I would go over and do a “little” gardening. Then the unthinkable happened. She went in for a procedure to help with her migraines. It did not go well. In fact, she is now confined to a wheel chair.

They decided to place the house up for sale. This was not an easy decision, but it had to be done and we all understood.

I knew I could not do what needed to be done to clean the yard for curb appeal, but He works in many ways and put Karen and me together. We started with a plan and worked from there. Spring Break was coming and a group of people from the Marquez Baptist Church were coming to visit our First Baptist Church. Karen and Debbie planned the attack on this half acre. Monday, March 12, an army of people showed up at this home. Because of surgery I could not use a tool, so my job was to tell what was weed and what was plant and to divide millions of daylilies. Moms, Dads, teens and children were there to help this family that they did not even know. For two days we worked and enjoyed a new friendship. One of the days, the home owners came to see all the going’s on and everyone was able to add two new people to this new found friendship.

CB-A different type of Spring Break

Marquez, Texas is less than 300 people but they are loving and giving people, especially the families that came to Crystal Beach. Our First Baptist Church of Crystal Beach is filled with people who want to help wherever help is needed.

I have such a wonderful and warm feeling about this week called Spring Break all because of families who wanted to spend this time helping others.


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