A Doggy Tail

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Not so long ago, a Christmas Pup, aka CP, went on a Caribbean Cruise. This was not by choice, you see he was Stolen from the check-in counter. Now the true story – two women, chose to abscond with the cutest little guy on our counter. Then they had the gall to take a picture with him before heading for the ship. That was their undoing!

We are not too sure but CP may have had a wonderful escape from the counter, we will never know. He has not informed us as of this writing.

Several of our check-out agents saw them taking a picture with him and attempted to rescue CP, to no avail. Said CP was reported missing and all were alerted to stop the women.

Next sailing morning at our meeting, a picture was passed around to all debark members to be on the look-out for CP and the Grinch women. Every person on the team was on alert!

THERE THEY WERE! Very quietly, a posse was called to duty and slowly the women were surrounded and confronted about CP! By this time, these women were getting very close to Customs and they may have realized time was up for them. With six agents surrounding them, they gave up our CP.

CP is very happy back on the counter to celebrate the rest of the holidays with his family.


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