A Family Tradition

By Linda Elissalde
Five generations of the Vinson clan gathered at Crystal Beach on Labor Day Weekend, 2021. Labor Day is a traditional, national holiday. However, this group was on the beach to celebrate a special family tradition. They travel to a different place each year to honor matriarch Earline Phipps Vinson who turned 82 in April. Some past destinations include Gulfport, MS; New Orleans, LA; Houston, TX and northward to Oklahoma.

Daughter Doris Hadnot explained this tradition is to show appreciation for Earline’s legacy of keeping their family united. Doris stated that Sunday dinners were a big part of their lives. Members went to different churches, but loved getting together on Sunday. Earline followed in her own mother’s footsteps by bringing everyone together for a delicious Sunday meal. Generations joined together to keep the family connected which was so important to their culture.

Diboll, TX is the family base. Crystal Beach was chosen this year because it was close. It is obvious from watching the joy this family shared on the beach that they were definitely joined in love and happiness. Earline Phipps Vinson kept her family united – And Doris plans to continue this unifying Sunday family tradition!


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