A Ferry Ride

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
So many people on the Peninsula truly dis-like the Ferry system. Some parts I understand, and others, it is our government at its best/worse. I get my mail before I head out for a boat ride, or I enjoy the ships and tugs coming and going. But, the most fun is watching the tourists. Let’s face it, how many times have you laughed because you know they are getting ready to be soaked by a wave and they don’t. Of course, there are those people who can hear or read, DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS AT THE FRONT OF THE BOAT! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Usually they are right next to my truck and their sweet little person tries to feed the gulls from the back window of their car. Lots of times I’m finishing my list for the day, grocery, shopping, and so on. Sometimes I see a friend who is also on the boat and we chat for 20 minutes or so.

Of course, there was the time I was heading home after a day shopping and stopped for a burger. A black bird perched on my side mirror with the idea he wanted my burger more than I did. Guess, who won that battle?

In the summertime, we must remember not to use Harborside to come home. And if we were honest with each other we have been known to go through a neighborhood or two just to get to Ferry Road. Thank Goodness for that “lil” yellow pass.

Yesterday I was really surprised at four shrimp boats with their nets in the water, shrimping right in front of the ferry landing on the Galveston side, the Captain blared his horn several times. I guess they don’t speak horn either.

Have a great week.


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