A Fond Farewell

akers0By Linda Elissalde
There were tears. There was laughter. Sadness and happiness mingled as folk met to say farewell to Carolyn and Dan Akers. The couple is moving to Boerne, Texas. They leave behind friends who have enjoyed the Akers delightful company during their stay in Crystal Beach. Bay Vue United Methodist Church honored the two during Fellowship time on Sunday. Margo Johnson, Sherry Morgan and Marsha Fredenburg hosted a wonderful gathering for friends at the Mouton Mansion in the afternoon.

Carolyn and Dan are an intricate part of the beach community. Both have chaired and served on committees that helped Bay Vue United Methodist Church and our community. Dan is a go to man when you need things fixed. Carolyn can organize anything. From closets to church offerings to large events, she makes it happen.

However, these fine qualities pale in comparison to the happiness they bring family and friends. Time spent with Carolyn and Dan is always filled with good food, good fun and pure joy. Being in their presence just makes people feel better.

That is why we are all happy that they have the new home they have wanted. That is also why we are sad to bid a fond farewell to the Akers. We wish for them all good things in their new abode. However, do keep in mind, we are already planning our visits to Boerne.

Farewell, dear friends. May your journey be safe, and your hearts be light!


By Linda Elissalde

Alas and alack,
It’s a mighty sad day
For Carolyn and Dan
Are moving away.

Whatever on earth
Is Bolivar to do
Without the talents
Of these charming two?

Where can we go
When we need help from Dan?
For if anyone can fix things,
Dan’s been our man.

What a great Chief Full of Bull!
He picked clean that bone.
Word is now out
That Hollywood will soon phone.

Then there is Carolyn,
Dan’s exemplary wife.
Who’ll organize your closet.
If you let her, even organize your life.

As our monthly Calendar girl,
Carolyn did extensive research.
She’s the only gal in a bikini
On the bulletin board of a church

Now in our play,
She had just the right touch,
For to her part,
Carolyn added so much.

There was once a worry
That her left breast would disappear,
However Moody found it
Not down there, but right here.

Yes, a hole is left when she goes
But it won’t be in the grass
For we hear she is taking with her
Dan, the hole who is the ________. (Man she married.)

Oh, that couple’s parties,
What a delicious delight!
If we’d been 20 years younger,
We’d have partied all night.

The Akers added so much
To our lives, we hate to say bye,
But are sure they’ll return
To help with June’s yearly Fish Fry.

We will not be unhappy
As you leave your home by the deep-sea.
We have all packed our bags
For our visit when you’re home in Boerne.


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