A Lady For All Seasons

Patricia “Pat” Ann Lowry Vondra
By Linda Elissalde
“A man for all occasions, whether happy or serious.”
Robert Whittington on Sir Thomas More, 1520.

Robert Whittington would surely have changed the gender of his declaration if he ever had the honor of knowing Patricia “Pat” Ann Lowry Vondra. Those of us who did share the pleasure of her company know that she was a lady for all occasions, whether happy or serious.

Pat passed away on October 8, 2019. Her funeral at Bay Vue United Methodist Church was packed with family, friends, acquaintances, and those who had worked with her for many years. It was truly a celebration of her life. Pastor Valerie Hudson spoke of Pat’s good works and her faith. Susan Free and William Comeaux shared wonderful stories of Mrs. Vondra showcasing her compassion, helpfulness, happiness and sense of humor.

My husband Marcel and I met Pat when Patsy Horn corralled us to help feed the students who came to clean our beaches. Jimmy Vondra cooked the wieners while Pat and volunteers handed out hot dogs, sandwiches, chips and drinks to hungry, hard-working kids.

Pat and Jim were to be married on the day we first met them. She immediately invited us to her wedding and subsequent party. We declined because we didn’t know them. (I will always be sorry about that. We missed a good time.) Our group met on beach cleanup days for several years. Pat and Jim always welcomed us as if we were old friends. Pat greeted us every time we saw her as if we were the people that she had been waiting all day long to see. The Vondras’ hugs and sweet compliments lit up our existence.

There is a saying that a gentleman is one who treats a king and a pauper the same. I would say that a lady is one who treats everyone as if they were special. Pat Vondra did just that whether it was summer, winter, spring or fall. She was A LADY FOR ALL SEASONS!

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