A Matter of Days

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Every week is new and fun, well maybe that is just a little exaggeration. With that said lets get started. Saturday we had dinner with Shannon, Paul, Terri and Grey from Crystal Beach. We met them after church at Gilhoolry’s in San Leon. The food is just so darn good and our server was the best, you see she has been with Gilhoolry’s for almost 30 years. She directed all of us in the right direction for what we wanted. Yum! Our evening was full of laughter and excitement of upcoming events on Bolivar.

Sunday was a very windy and cold day and off we went to meet and greet new people cruising. When we got to work it was freezing on the second floor of the terminal. I am serious! It was 61 degrees, someone had left the air on overnight. Before we found the correct maintenance person the temperature had dropped to 57! I very seldom get cold and not too often do I fuss about it. Well I did that day. I had been given the phone number for one of the men who maintains the building so I called. Grabbed my phone and punched a name in my contacts. When the person on the other end answered I said, Good Morning and gave my name and which building I was in and asked for assistance for heat. The voice on the other end sounded like I woke him up! Really, they are at work between 4:30 and five every ship day.

Just to make sure I said, Steven? He said yes? So I go into great detail about the temperature and how many times someone has tried to call for assistance. He said, you are Where? Of course, I repeated myself, thinking, how much fun did he have last night? About that time I look up and see Steven walking across the floor and he is NOT on the phone. Oh Crap! I have called the wrong number and woke some poor soul up on Sunday long before their normal time of awakening. I say, so sorry, and hang up quickly. My co-workers are looking at me like I just grew three heads! Then we get to laughing and of course, my face is as red as an apple and they laughed even more. Sorry, wrong Steve.


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