A Most Blessed Blessing!

By Linda Elissalde
The day was most beautiful, and the guests behaved beautifully. Bay Vue United Methodist’s BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS was blessed indeed. This annual event was held in the church parking lot on Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 10:00 AM – Noon. Thirty-five canines of all breeds and religions came to receive an individual blessing from Pastor Valerie Hudson. Bay Vue UMC members, and folk driving by who saw Mary Raney’s sign, brought in pets to be blessed and refreshed. Each pet came away with one of Pastor Valerie’s creative cards containing their name and special blessing. (One person did stop because they thought it was a bake sale, but rejoiced when told about the event.)

There was a treats for animals table, and a treats for people table. Rita and Charles Moseley provided iced down cold water for everyone. Marcel Elissalde, Kitty Elissalde, George Strong, L.B. Hunt, Trish Smith, Mary Raney, and Sandi Covington helped with set up, take down, greeting and directions. Elinor Tinsley took myriad formal photographs of pets with their homo sapiens buddies.

Our pets are a blessing to us, and we joined in blessing them! It was A MOST BLESSED BLESSING!


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