A Port in a Storm – or Not a Storm!

By Linda Elissalde
“Any port in a storm.” John Cleland
Laura was a big, bad storm. We were fortunate that it did not come to our peninsula. However, like most residents and guests, we took the warnings seriously and battened down the hatches. Marcel actually battened, but I helped a little. Good friends, and former residents, Byron and Karen Kelly invited us to come stay with them in Huntsville as soon as Marco and Laura made news. We accepted the invitation for either, or both, hurricanes. Friends Sharon and John Pope were also kind to offer shelter, but we had already made our reservations with the Kellys.

We joined other evacuees on Tuesday. All went well until an oversized house took over the 2 lane highway. We meandered around to finally arrive safely at the Kellys’ home. A delicious dinner was waiting, the towels and soap were out, and the bed looked most comforting. Our Labradoodle Emma was welcomed by her two best friends Labradors Pink and Lady Gaga.

We chose to give up on the news and go to bed. The next morning – SURPRISE – that mean old Laura took her damage farther to the east. We were safe. So now, we could play with our buddies. Byron and Karen are also followers of MSW (masks, social distancing, washing hands). They live near Elkins Lake in a wonderful subdivision that boasts a large Olympic pool. Chairs are even placed 6 feet apart. We were able to swim in a pool for the first time this summer. There were very few folk there. It was so great, we jumped in the next day also. Between visiting and remembering old adventures, we laughed a lot. Karen provided us with superb eats. We had taken all of our frozen shrimp and 1 flounder with us. She cooked them up just fine along with other epicurean delights. We named the place Kellys’ B & B, but won’t give anyone the address or phone number. There could always be another storm.

Any port in a storm will suffice, but it is grand to have such an enjoyable harbor. That is also true when there is not a storm.

Thank you, Byron and Karen,
Marcel, Linda, Emma


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