ABC 13 Comes to Crystal Beach

By Linda Elissalde
Meteorologist Rachel Briers and cameraman Rudy Villarreal brought sunshine when they recently visited Crystal Beach. Their arrival marked a lovely break in those soggy, foggy mornings we so deplore. Briers obtained a degree in Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University. Before joining ABC 13 KTRK in Houston, she was Chief Meteorologist at KWES in Midland, TX where she covered west Texas weather, including tornadoes, large hail and severe winter storms. Now she reports about southeast Texas climate variations and gives weather talks to schools. Rachel, along with talented Rudy, visited Bolivar Peninsula recently to learn about the aftermath of Hurricane IKE. The show will appear on ABC 13 sometime in April.

FOE 3719 eagle after Hurricane Ike destroyed their building; the Cooks dancing at a fund raiser to rebuild FOE 3719 in Crystal Beach.

Nancy Bachman (Miss Nancy’s Bait Camp), Jacquelyn Cook and Trustee L.B. Hunt supplied FOE 3719 for interviews with peninsula residents. In addition to Jacquelyn and L.B, Ange Scheibel, George Strong, Dr. Melanie Wallace, Eagles Treasurer Jim Denys, Mary Denys, Keith Zahar, Trustee Mike Roessler, and Linda C. Elissalde took part in the gathering.

Mrs. Briers skillfully questioned participants about what is was like before IKE and changes to the community after IKE. Mr. Villarreal made sure that the sound and visuals were just right. Interviewees shared different aspects of rebuilding after such a storm. Then Rachel and Rudy drove around the area to view how Bolivar Peninsula had recovered from IKE’s devastation in 2008.

Keith Zahar explains the comeback of THE BIG STORE.

Rachel interviews resident Linda C. Elissalde.

George Strong tells about conditions after IKE.

Rachel Briers and Rudy Villarreal expressed real interest in all aspects of IKE’s devastation and the spirit of survival, entrepreneurship and optimism of Bolivar Peninsula inhabitants. They are gracious representatives of ABC 13, and we hope they will return again to check out our progress.

Linda C. Elissalde and ABC 13 Chief Meteorologist Rachel Briers.

Rachel with Master Gardener Ange Scheibel.

Eagles Trustee L.B. Hunt who coordinated the event; Eagles Treasurer Jim Denys.

FOE 3719 after Hurricane Ike…and today


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  1. Brenda Beust Smith says:

    If you hear a date, let us know! So neat they’re taking notice of Bolivar. Hope you made sure they know how to pronounce it correctly!!! Sure you took care of that!!

  2. Jim Denys says:

    Nice write-up Linda!

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