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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
We think we have it bad. Our second born, Rene’ has just received her gold card cruising this past Sunday. She and Vickie, RR’s sister, are on their way to Jamaica and two other ports. They are right in the middle of that tropical storm in the Caribbean. Now what you need to know is Rene’ is not the best sailor. As a child, when we would go fishing in the Gulf, she would turn green and sit on the floor of the boat and eat ice. We would offer to turn around and head home but not Rene’ our little trooper. NO DADDY! I want to catch fish!

We created this monster of cruising when we took the kids and grandkids for our 50th Anniversary. It has been three years since her first cruise and now she is Gold. I have a feeling she may not be going so often after this cruise. The other reason this trip may take a toll on both is they are smokers. There are very few places to smoke on a cruise ship these days. And if there is more than 10 people on the back deck next to the pool many will be getting wet. What fun would a wet cigarette be? I know they did not take proper rain gear for a tropical wave. I just received a message from Rene’ with pictures and green emoji’s.

So we have a few inches of rain and their waves are building by the minute. Well, I guess RR and I will catch up on the movies and Denny Crain of course!

Hope by the time this goes to press we are once again “high and dry.”


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