Ageless Athlete Gay Richardson Leads Team to Sunday Playoff Win

Super Senior Gay Richardson, Monte, and whiting nemesis King “Sonny” Wong shot three under par Sunday to join heavily favored Shannon O’Brien, and ‘El Hombre Sin Miedo’ Dewey Jones in a quick playoff won easily by Richardson’s team. Gay is back on the beach hustling golf after a wallet busting extended tour of South America. His golf game hasn’t suffered because of the layoff traveling and it’s good to have Gay back in action. Head golf pro Mike Mitchell came close at 2 under par along with James, Jason, and Lois. Mitchell, perhaps still distracted by his disastrous 19 over par performance in Saturday’s 2013 Par 3 Championship, forgot to add Sweet Charlie Brannan to the lineup Sunday or the results of the Sunday Scramble certainly could have been much different.Brannan took the omission graciously, as is his nature,and hopes to be back soon.

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