Ah Cooking!

By Georgia Osten
Yes, I’m a Pinterest groupie. I absolutely love Pinterest. And Yummy! I must get one to two emails daily from each of them. I look at all the recipes. By now, they know which ones I’m interested in. Yes, they do. Have you ever noticed when you click on some interesting ad you see on Facebook or whatever, next thing you know, you’re getting advertisements on that particular item?? It can be a little scary. Kind of like “how do they know?

Anyway, I do love the recipes, I print out ones I think my family would love. Sometimes, with Pinterest, it’s not easy to actually get to the recipes. They want you to do a lot of downloading of programs which will enable you to finally print out the recipe. I lose my patience with those type, and I’ll “disappear from their website.” They shouldn’t make it that difficult!

I have this binder where I put my favorite recipes. Usually, when I’ve printed out one, I’ll just stick the page in the binder, which has a permanent home on a shelf in my pantry. I had so many just stuck in there, I decided it was time to go through the binder and discard any of those I had never prepared, and organize those I wanted to keep. I keep them in clear plastic sleeves with dividers for Sweets, Fish, Veggies, Breads, Breakfast, Beef, Chicken, Drinks, Appetizers, etc. Funny thing is, you can’t see the dividers because the plastic sleeves are wider than the dividers. It’s all good.

So, this binder has been sitting on a dresser in one of the back bedrooms for at least 3 weeks, knowing this was a project that needed to be attacked. Well, with this latest cold front that occurred last week, can’t get outside to finish gardening, blinds are all clean finally, I decided to tackle it. DONE! I threw away half the contents, stuff I’ve never prepared, stuff no one in my house likes anyway.

I feel good, I’m ready for Spring, everything is clean (except the ceiling fans). Oh well, you can’t really see the tops of them anyway. It is Spring after all, doesn’t feel like it, but the calendar doesn’t lie.

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