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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Last week RR and I did something scary, we went to Baybrook Mall. For the younger world, that is just fun, but in a big dually and two old people this is not fun. First you have to travel down the Gulf Freeway in that lovely construction in lanes that scare an 18 wheeler driver, much less us with limited sight. Well, we made it, and now finding a space to park for something other than a half car! Yea, we did that too. Being wiser than me, RR stayed in the section of Baybrook parking that we know. Into Macy’s we go. Oh Wow, look at all the colors and new styles. Have I been under a rock for years or what! No, really I have not ventured too far for clothing, Wal-Mart or other island stores. Then we made it to the shoe department, man, would I like to be young again, look at all those cute heels. No, the brain kicked in and I really don’t want to do that again. Flats are great for an old lady, really flip flops are better.

Finally we made it to Apple. Now mind you, this is a Tuesday. No one should be in here except old people. It is packed! We found a nice man in a green shirt (uniform of the day for Apple) and he told us where to wait for David. David was the battery person of the day. Now David could be 7ft 10″ and mean as a junk yard dog and be able to say NO in a way we would understand. After what seemed to be hours, a nice young man named David showed up. He must really know his job, he can talk to old people. RR explains what we need and David starts testing RR’s phone, yep, you need a battery.

Then he checked my phone, nope, not you. Wait why did it stop? Yea, it did it when someone other than me was screaming at it. We may need to check this out. Another Yea! It is going to take several hours for a new battery to be installed and to check out RR’s phone. Meanwhile, David is checking my phone because it froze on him too. David asked me what was important to me, of course, I look at him with the deer in the headlight look. He said, ” You know, apps, phone numbers, e-mails, and stuff. ” Oh! Please save phone numbers and pictures, I can work on my app later. Stupid me!

So off RR & I go to explore the new stores in Baybrook. Most of them were not to our liking. We checked out stores we know, Sears, oh oh no Sears, u-turn, you get the picture.

Finally it was time to pick up our phones and thank David for his assistance. The battery only cost $28, another yea. RR was beside himself with a battery that would last more than twelve hours. I did not bother to investigate my phone until we were on our way back down the “Gulf Under-Construction Forever Freeway”. Checking out phone, “hey, where is all my stuff?!!” RR said, ” Well, you said you could put all that back, remember?” Oh yes, I did say that. Have you gone back to the app store, lately? Where’s my stuff? All this is lightyears ahead of me.


Have a good one.


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