cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
For Christmas our daughter Dianne gave her two daughters and me tickets to the musical Anastasia. Our date for the play was March 9th, that way both girls could coordinate time off from work. Ashlynn works at a restaurant in the village, and time off on a Saturday is almost unheard of. Of course, at Christmastime, I was able to walk any distance, not anymore. But these wonderful girls figured this out for me, Uber and Lyft. More on that subject later. We came from all directions into downtown Houston. With that said, I must admit I have not “played” in downtown Houston at night in so many years. So much has changed since New Years Eve 2000!

First, three women in their cars must leave their homes and subject themselves to traffic unbelievable to make it to Market Square for dinner reservations at 5:30. Ashlynn’s replacement at work was running late, and Emily had to leave her car at a townhome in the Heights. Dianne and I left Pearland about 15 minutes later than planned, normal for our first born. Because she lives in Pearland and 288 is under construction, we head down every side street known to man and puppy. Of course, she had her phone app set on something that tells us the fastest way to get down town. OMG! Millions of cars at a stop everywhere! Now, she is holding her phone in one hand with one eye on the phone and the other hand on the wheel and eye on the road. I am holding on and saying prayers!

Somehow or another, we made it first to the square and we found a parking space on the street only a block and a half away from the new up and coming dinner. The Hearsay Gastro Lounge has about 20 tables and a small area on the sidewalk. That is where we sat. We had the most unbelievable dinners, we orders four different items and each one was wonderful, you see we shared.

Now off to the show. Well, I cannot walk that far, so Di and Emily went out on that app and found a Lyft to take us. The person met us at the corner and off we went, so much cheaper than moving the cars. About $6 and we were at the front of the Theater. We did the same at the end of the show back to our cars.

Oh yes, the play was so good and special for both Granddaughters. Disney brought out on tape this movie when they were very little and it was their favorite and they would watch it over and over. Both girls sang and cried all the way through the play. You cannot beat that. I held Ashlynn’s hand through half the play and my heart was so full enjoying this moment with her.

A Grandma’s memory and I so hope our Granddaughters’ memory.

Have a great week.


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