And Poof!

By Georgia Osten
Just like that we transition into Christmas – oh the thrill of it all! It didn’t take much for me to get in the Christmas spirit, I’ve been dreaming about the Nutcracker Market for weeks now. Thinking of all the gifts I can check off my list once I get there. As has become tradition, we will do a bit of tailgating in the parking lot of the Reliant. I know, silly, but we’ll bring our lawn chairs and set out the food and drinks on Leigh’s tailgate and have a little parking lot picnic.

I’m also excited about Thanksgiving and the fact I’ll get to see my tree for the first time in 3 years. I’ve already bought the bird, it’s in the new freezer we got several months ago. I actually found it at the HEB, a Butterball, on sale for 98 cents per pound, limit one per family. Super! Terrific! One per family is all I need!

Next weekend, we’ll go to Pearland to babysit the twins and their older brother, Pierce! That will give me the opportunity to shop for the rest of my Thanksgiving stuff while they nap. We have such a great time staying with them, they ARE A HANDFUL, but it’s like a sip from the Fountain of Youth!

PawPaw will be in his element, with all those little mouths to feed. I swear he would make the most wonderful short-order cook. Speaking of PawPaw, tonight is his famous gumbo. What a treat – shrimp, little teal ducks and sausage. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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  1. Annieo says:

    Your social calendar is full as usual! Great article. ❤️

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