And the Beat Goes On

By Georgia Osten
It’s our oldest Granddaughter’s birthday today, as I write this, May 15th. We have 8 grandkids now, and we’re probably through – what a ride! Emma was born in Long Beach, CA. For obvious reasons, we weren’t there at the time. She was a strapping youngster, we grow them big in our family. I remember the night she was born, we were waiting patiently for THE CALL. PawPaw and I were watching Fleetwood Mac on TV and Stevie Nicks was blasting out a tune. She’s one of Paul’s favorites, so, knowing Leigh was in labor and they probably had the TV on, I called Paul. (An excuse to find out how Leigh was doing), he answered, I said “hey Paul, check out Stevie Nicks!”

“Mama G,” he says, “we’re wheeling into the delivery room.” “I ain’t got time to think about no Stevie Nicks!” Emma – The most delightful character, from Day 1. With the first Grandchild, soooooooooo many pictures! You can’t get enough. We couldn’t wait to get out there to see her. We wrote a book called “Emma – n’sysms.” The things that would come out of that child’s mouth, oh my goodness. Like yes necessary, or gotfor, here-it-is-I-found-um. “Emma, what did you learn at school today?” She answers, “we talked about the State of Texas PawPaw.” PawPaw asks, “What’s the capital of Texas Emma?” She answers, “The ‘T’ PawPaw.”

I swear, the girl never ceases to amaze me. Now, she’s finishing her Freshman year at Baylor. She works in the Theater program at school, back stage production. She’s home now for the Summer, working for TUTS in Houston (they sought her out) – She’s destined for big things.

We are so proud Sweet Girl, and here’s to wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, Yemmers!



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