Marcel and Linda C. Elissalde (2000 – 2016)

Sixteen years ago
He made his request.
She thought for a moment,
Then quickly said, “Yes!”

Now time has passed,
As time will do.
Are they still in love,
These unusual two?

They looked for gifts.
Googled on line,
But found nothing listed
They thought really fine.

Here is what we’ll do
Let us search no further.
We can give what we need
One to the other.

Marcel decided,
Since Linda had one ear,
He would buy her a hearing aid,
The better to hear.

Linda wanted to give him
Something that was fair.
So Linda bought him
His own rocking chair.

Now with great passion,
Like the kind you have read.
He rocks in his chair
While she hears all that he said.


Marcel and Linda C. Elissalde
(2000 – 2016)

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One Response to “ANNIVERSARY”

  1. Brenda Beust Smith says:

    Linda, my extraordinary writer-friend! This is so fun, funny and full of love. Makes me want to run over & hug Marcel too!

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