Another Jeep Go Topless Weekend

Another Jeep Weekend on Bolivar has come and gone. The gathering of jeepers and jeep lovers has grown exponentially the last couple of years. Since it’s origin in 2008, the Jeep “Go Topless Day” has evolved to produce a constant parade of vehicles, jamming the beach and surrounding areas for the weekend. And “go topless” did not only refer to removing your jeep top. This year, the high tides limited the space on the beach making it even more congested. The jeepers were packed in as part of this worldwide event, celebrating an American classic. And by Sunday afternoon, the beach was clearing out, causing bumper to bumper traffic all the way to Winnie.

So long Jeeps…until next time!


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12 Responses to “Another Jeep Go Topless Weekend”

  1. Stacy Frisbie says:

    It was the Jeepers too, they are by no means, innocent!!

  2. john says:

    Total lack of respect for property or home owners. Obnoxious young adults with no self respect or morals. Drunk, loud, and disorderly. We had renters next door who played gangsta rap until 3:00 a.m. Would love it if they never came back

  3. Susan says:

    Ok I have a question. My sons ex took children to this event. They are all too young for this. Another friend told me this was a nice family affair but it doesn’t sound like it. Not for a 18 month old & 5 or 6 year olds. Plus she supposedly left them with the current bf & went walking & found other guys to get deunk with. I could care less if she wants to party but she needs to be responsible and leave the children home with their fathers or grandmothers next time. Sounds like NO place for my grandbaby or any young children. Yalls thoughts on young children there. Thanks.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    We were their and stayed close to Barrel 55 area. not only did we clean up our area we went across the way on beach side and cleaned up the College kids mess they left behind. ( they got pissed for us calling them out for throwing trash on the ground so they left ) along with beside us then cleaned up around the dumpster that was set where people could not make it in a 40 yard dumpster so we put it the rest of the way in for them . i can tell you on our jeep groups it is preached consistently to clean up your area , clean up, clean up clean up before leaving. and we all try to clean up. i have seen and massive influx of more large lifted Trucks, side by side vehicles and teenage and college kids leaving trash everywhere. More and more kids drinking getting totally trashed and barely walk and seeing less and less jeeps and more and more other vehicles including 4 wheelers, golf carts etc. it seems to me it is atleast what i have seen personally is the disrespectful little shits,kids in large lifted trucks and side by sides that are creating the mess and chaos. JMO

  5. Pam says:

    This kind of behavior would never be tolerated in any of the Galveston beaches. Fines are issued on several beaches in Galveston for littering and leaving a mess. It’s high time we started in forcing something like that ourselves. It’s going to take our full-time residence getting involved, finding their voices and being loud enough to be heard.

  6. Gary says:

    So sad to here about the death of someone but with people acting like they were it had to happen I saw a lot of keepers found the wrong thing you can’t blame just one group blame all even the ones that help put it on these people need to pick up after themselves not just like it up but most of all just grow up you can have fun with out acting like an !

  7. Carlis Cole says:

    Keep Bolivar Beautiful with all the fantastic volunteers have done an absolutely amazing job restoring Bolivar beaches back to nearly pristine condition. Thank each and every one of you. Carlis Cole, Pres. Keep Bolivar Beautiful

  8. Lg says:

    I am a property owner, and these events are causing people to consider selling. Trash all over and the acts happening are awful and lawlessness. When is enough ! Enough???? Our community needs to really needs to think of other ways to create a true beach vibe. This place is no longer a resort area more like a trash place

  9. Heidi says:

    The jeepers picked up their trash, it was the big trucks and side by sides that left the beach a trashy mess…stop blaming the jeepers for what others do.
    I will not be back next year, I am sick of every year people complaining about the jeepers when we clean up after ourselves. I will spend my money elsewhere since bolivar people dont appreciate the revenue gtw brings to all their businesses there

  10. Ronnie says:

    Beach was left in a horrible condition. Unbelievable how these a lot of these people left piles of garbage and bottles. Sad thing, a lot of the garbage was pulled out to the Gulf by the tide. In addition to that, injuries and rumor has it…a fatality.

    Would love to see better control by limiting beach access. Controlling ingress and egress. Set a capacity for Beach. Turn them around when max is reached. Charging at entries. Maybe $50 and maybe curfew. Maybe doubling more Sheriff Dept. or Police.

    Hopefully that would cut down on the bad crowd and even the fatalities from this past weekend.

    • Celeste says:

      I agree with you, Ronnie. Jeep weekend has gotten totally out of control. Yes, it brings money in to the Bolivar Peninsula, but for what price? Damage to our dunes, trash on our beautiful beaches? Irresponsible behavior was seen by many. Jeepers were literally driving through our yards. One group drove through barricades on private property in my neighborhood. These were set up to keep this from happening, but apparently these jeepers didn’t care. Many of us have sprinkler systems and we all have septic tanks which can be damaged by this irresponsible and selfish activity. Having fun is one thing, but damaging private property is unlawful and disrespectful. If you are reading this, and you are a jeeper who is considerate of our beach property and the dunes that protect our property, then get the word out to those who are doing this. We must find a way to stop this, even if it means lobbying for more restrictions.

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