Art of folding a Contour Sheet

By Georgia Osten
Folding a contour sheet can be tricky, some people never get it, which may be because they don’t wish to get it. And, that’s okay too. It’s just like cleaning or cooking. You either want to be a good cook or not and you either want to have a nice clean house or you don’t. I once saw one of those signs painted on wood, you know the catchy little ditties everyone has all over their houses these days.

“I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning,
just not how it pertains to me”

I loved it so much, I bought it and gave it to my oldest daughter who proudly displays it in her kitchen.

The art of folding a contour sheet, I consider it an art, was passed down to me by my mother. I, in turn, have passed it down to my daughters. Understandably, my son couldn’t give a flip how they’re folded. He’s the guy who would run out to Target to buy more underwear when there were no more in his drawer.

Anyway, the folding of contour sheets, has been the envy of many a mother-in-law and sister-in-law for quite some time. It’s very easy with some practice and sure saves room in the linen closet when it’s folded nicely.

Now cooking, that’s something I wasn’t able to pass down through the generations. Let’s face it, my Mom and my Granny weren’t gourmets in any stretch of the imagination. Mom would throw stuff together and call it a meal, I would call it her attempt to create a casserole. Granny tried to teach me to fry chicken, but she always had the skillet too hot and the chicken would burn and not cook all the way through.

One of my daughters could care less, she married a chef anyway, she’s the one with the sign in her kitchen. My other daughter tries hard like I do, but we just don’t have that gene. Thank goodness, my husband’s a good cook. I remember being invited to my son’s for dinner one evening, he had made a beef stew. What’s this strange vegetable in the stew? Well, it was cucumber. I had never had cooked cucumber before, interesting concept.

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  1. Jan says:

    I thought you were going to explain how to fold those darn sheets! Can I have a lesson?

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