As the rain increases, so does my cabin fever

By Georgia Osten
So after working all week, I decided it would be a great idea to set out on Saturday morning to go into town. Little did I know that Ferry Road would be flooded to dang near impassable. A friend even warned me, but those two Macy’s gift cards were burning a hole in my pocket. All I could think of was making it to Baybrook Mall to shop ‘til I dropped. Unloading from the ferry, I was thankfully behind a big pickup truck all the way down Ferry Road, thinking I would ride along in his shallow wake. So many cars were already pulled up on the median – they couldn’t make it, but I was determined.

Why on earth did he have to go so slow? The wake won’t work for me if he’s going to go so slow, and then he had to stop at the light by the convenience store. What for? There’s nobody coming, stopping at the light isn’t necessary in conditions like this. The truck behind me thought it was a stupid move too, as he took off speeding around us to the right. As if my car wasn’t wet enough. Geez, the spray!

I’m smashing my horn and the truck driver in front of me is just waving at me like a fool. We finally made it to Seawall, I was so proud of my little car, what a trooper she is.

As you can guess, it rained all day, all the way to Baybrook. That’s okay. I found the perfect purse, wait ‘til you see it. Thanks to my dear ones for the Birthday gift!

Yes, I did a lot of other shopping as well. Our upcoming Birthday celebration (someone else’s), will be this weekend and I had list after list to purchase. We’re all excited, I’ll tell you all about it next week.

In the meantime, ya’ll be safe out there. Keep those kayaks handy, you never know when you’ll need to get up to The Big Store. They’re always high and dry!


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One Response to “As the rain increases, so does my cabin fever”

  1. Love the purse, Georgia.
    Good for you.
    You set the example
    For what we can all do!

    (OK, it is pretty bad doggerel, but you do inspire!)

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